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Biiwatch is 

An accessory indoor/outdoor for smartphone. 

A bracelet shutter for smartphone. Biiwatch allows you to shoot photo/video when you run, danse, move etc

A perfect device for your selfie and the best add-on for any trepod, Hitcase, table, car GPS support. 


Biiwatch transforms your smartphone a real baby phone and there are many uses in many circumstances. 


* 2 buttons:
- Shoot photo/video
- Switch mode 

* 2 leds for 4 indications:
Flash green: photo
Flash orange: video
Led blue: Biiwatch and smartphone are connected 
Led red: low battery 

* Waterproof (IP 67)

* Shockproof

* Bluetooth Low Energy technology 

* Slap band bracelet 


Biiwatch will be used in many situation like:

- Sport

- Hobbies

- Shooping

- Friend and family events 


- elastomer
- Steel